Specific Rules for the Poker Games


The rules of poker are reasonably manageable. Nevertheless, there are countless possibilities, so you will never experience the same game again. All variants are about having the best possible hand at the table at the end. It is played with 52 cards without joker, although there are variants with more or fewer cards.

Advantages of online gaming

There are some advantages of online over traditional ones. Especially, the fact is that you can play a round anytime, anywhere. This is what most players call the key reason for playing online games. The way and the maintenance of a regular game round is a lot more laborious. It is hardy than the fast log in online. You will find online at any time of the day and night filled tables of all variants. It is with all minimum bets. Online casinos also regularly host tournaments, which is an added bonus. In addition, the game runs off very quickly online. It is a good plus for online games especially for impatient players.

Online Gaming tips

  • Start with low-stakes tables, no more than 5% of your loss limit
  • Start with a single table to concentrate and not get confused
  • Take notes about the decisions of your teammates in order to better assess them as the game progresses

Online bonuses

Online casinos compete strongly with each other. Therefore make very lucrative offers for you as a player to play with them. In addition to the welcome bonus, there are also occasionally specific game offers at the individual casinos. It varies between the casinos of 100 € to 2500 €. This is for example reduced tournament participation and the like – keep your eyes open for such offers!



Now you know the most important thing about game to start. Of course, the path to becoming a game  pro is long and only practice makes perfect. So dare and try it out with small bets in one of our recommended casinos!





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